I Want To Help You Reach Your Goal Of Becoming A United States Army Pilot

To: Future United States Army Pilots

My name is Kevin and I want to help you achieve your goal of becoming a United States Army Aviator. I want you to know that I am genuinely concerned about helping qualified, dedicated men and women become United States Army pilots.

A Little About Me...

Since I was a wee lad, I've wanted to fly for the military. Before going to college I joined the Marine Corps Reserves- first as an infantryman- and later in motor transport (truck driver) as a result of transferring schools (thereby transferring units).

My original plan was to become a Marine Corps pilot but at the time a military draw down was occurring and the flight slots that I and others had were not to be. While disappointed, I didn't have a commitment and other options existed. I later submitted a BDCP package to the Navy, was accepted into the program, and later was off to NAS Pensacola for Officer Candidate School.

I completed primary and intermediate training at NAS Whiting Field and advanced at NAS Corpus Christi.

I wouldn't trade the experiences I've had as a Naval Aviator for anything. The rigors of the "flight training process" can be a grind but remember what's waiting for you at the other end.

I'm proud to have served as both a Marine and as a Naval Aviator.

About the Guide...

I developed this guide because I want you to have the information I didn't when I was trying to earn a commission and a flight slot. I want you to have strategies and techniques to help you through flight school and lastly I want you to be successful in your career as an Army aviator.

Within this guide I've included techniques that have helped myself and fellow pilots. More importantly, I've consulted with numerous current and former Army pilots to get their perspectives, experiences, trials and tribulations.

We talked about the differences between warrant and commissioned officers. We talked about getting a flight slot. We talked about making it through flight school, and we talked about life in the Army after flight school.

The United States Army Pilot Guide is the result.

What I want you to do...

After investing, reading though, and implementing the strategies, tactics, techniques and tips in the guide I would appreciate your feedback.

After you go through the entire process--from where you are now to earning your wings-- I'd appreciate feedback about what areas you think the guide covers well but more importantly what areas you feel can be improved and why.

About The Company...

I started this company to give our future fighting men and women a look into their chosen career.

We have pilot career guides for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard and are presently working on a guide for the Air Force.

We'll also be producing guides for other military occupational specialties.

Good luck in your future career and God Bless,